Resume sample

First Name Last Name                                                   

30.10.1982 Guangzhou, Chinа




Achievements: Two Bachelors degrees with GPA 3.5 out of 4.0

Bachelor of Science: Finances and Credit                                          September 2008- June 2013

Far Eastern Federal University Vladivostok, Russian Federation

Bachelor of Science: Oriental and African Studies                             September 1999 — June 2004

Far Eastern State University Vladivostok, Russian Federation

High School Graduate                                       September 1997 — June 1999        

Lyceum of “Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service”

Vladivostok, Russian Federation

Secondary School Graduate                                  September 1988 — June 1997               Public Middle Secondary School №77,

Vladivostok, Russian Federation


Hong Kong Asian Star Consulting Co.,LTD                 Guangzhou, China

President and Founder of Hong Kong Company and representative office                                                                                                                  March 2013- Till date

            Hong Kong Asian Star Consulting Co.,LTD — www.  provides consulting and trade service for international clients such as searching products in China, inspecting the suppliers and goods quality,  controlling the delivery dates, loading goods, providing export documents, full supporting in mainland of China. There is the representative office of Hong Kong Asian Star Consulting in Guangzhou, PRC. Also there is representative partner in Russian Federation Yekaterinburg city. In addition, company established good partnership with Banks, Translating Bureaus and Russian manufactures etc.


-Have enough professional knowledge and experience to found Hong Kong Company and Representative Office in Guangzhou China.

Maintain constant profitability during last three years and set up RO in Guangzhou.

-Create a wide client’s base by providing professional service and recommendation of my regular customers.


  • Manage the trading and consulting company and Representative office in Guangzhou city, separate the duties between staff and control the staff work execution. Total staff 5-7 persons.
  • Financial control and analysis of Hong Kong Company and its representative office.
  • Negotiate with the local administration’s representatives and Chinese suppliers, contacting with clients etc.
  • Supervise the proper planning, monitoring and reporting of incoming and outgoing cash flows.
  • Arrange the payments to suppliers and logistic companies and service contracts.
  • Participation in the International exhibitions such as Canton Fair, SIAL etc.

Gain Dragon International Group                          Guangzhou, China

Purchasing Manager, Head of purchasing department                                                                                                                January 2012- May 2013

Gain Dragon is one of the first international companies in Guangzhou, who starts to provide consulting, searching and logistic service for buyers in early 1990s. 


-Set up the permanent compliance of all trade contracts; increase the efficiency of purchasing practice in company.

— Reduce the purchasing target prices for the following goods: common consumption goods, equipment, building materials etc.

— Get the best worker of 2012 years reward.


  • Manage the Chinese assistants’ staff 2-3 persons.
  • Receive the inquiries from Trade House, analyze the targets prices, major requirements.
  • Arrange the searching of necessary goods under my supervision, control the dates of executions.
  • Prepare all necessary export documents: invoices, packing list, contracts, B/L etc.
  • Arrange the inspection of suppliers, goods quality and loading inspections, check the reports.
  • Negotiate with suppliers in case of bad quality, delivery dates delay etc.

Qingdao Golden Light Trading Company                                 Qingdao, China

General Manager                                            December 2010- January 2012


  • Increase the export trading rates and efficiency of company.
  • Set up new system to reduce taxes and attract new clients.


  • Manage the Chinese assistants’ staff 2-3 persons.
  • Receive the inquiries from Russian Head Office, analyze the targets prices, major requirements.
  • Prepare all necessary export documents: invoices, packing list, contracts, B/L etc.
  • Responsible for the development of company’s new client base.
  • Financial control under Head Office supervision.
  • Arrange the payments to suppliers, logistic companies, service companies, tax bureaus, control tax rebate.

Branch of JSCB “Baltic Development Bank» in Vladivostok   Vladivostok, Russian Federation

Manager, Head of client’s sector                             October 2008– December 2010


  • Prove myself as high-effective person and get the post of the client’s sector chief in short period


  • Manage the client’s sector staff 2-3 persons.
  • Prepare all necessary documents for opening account, serve the current work of opened account, and consult the clients.
  • Prepare the client’s financial activities for analysis of client base.
  • Negotiate with Chinese Banks to establish the correspondent relationships, translate and prepare necessary documents for opening correspondent and LORO  accounts,  take  part in negotiations between Russian banks and Chinese banks official meetings.


  • Positive, sociable and amicable
  • Self-motivated and energetic, willing to contribute
  • Results oriented
  • Problem-solving
  • Strong communication skills


  • English – advanced ( Ielts General: L-8, W-7,S-7,R-7)
  • Russian – native
  • Chinese- advanced


-Swimming (complex), Ping-Pong

-Cooking (organize the master-classes- of baking)

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Консалтинговое агентство в Израиле A.R.IMMIGREALTY